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OTU1: Becoming an INSPIRE Change Catalyst

OTU1: Becoming an INSPIRE Change Catalyst

Change Catalysts are important for inclusive GE-implementation: as a change catalyst you will provide crucial and contextual support and bring qualifying perspectives to the implementational work undertaken by the gender practitioners in INSPIRE’s CoPs.

This Open Training Unit (OTU) provides you with necessary and relevant knowledge, tools and resources for being an INSPIRE Change Catalyst. It also aims to stimulate your ability to decide which approach is relevant in different contexts, so that you can go ahead with confidence and competence.

In this training unit, you will find
o    Chapter 1: Information about INSPIRE
o    Chapter 2: Information about the three types of Change Catalyst. This includes:
  -    What being an INSPIRE Change Catalyst entails: tasks in INSPIRE; qualification and requirements; provision and support; and how to become one.
  -    Different support approaches and pitfalls – and relevant further resources
  -    Reflection exercise on potential dilemmas and how to respond to them
  -    Testimonies from experienced CoP-change catalysts
o    Chapter 3: Information and resources for framing your collaboration as Change Catalyst